A Review of the Popular Oppo F19 Pro


The F19 Pro has all the great features of a modern smartphone that anyone would be interested in. Yes, it s pretty, but sadly, it lacks some important features like the dual camera set up and the selfies camera. But for your part, the OPPO F19 Pro Plus 5G is a decent enough smartphone that performs most of the basic functions with great ease. F19 Pro

One of the first things that many people would surely like to experience from their new smartphones is the option to buy an official OPPO F19 Pro. The F19 Pro has the ability to capture multiple photos and videos simultaneously, thanks to the exclusive Dual Shot mode that is present on the handset. But what makes this impressive feature even more impressive is that it requires only a single tap on the screen to activate the mode, and then you are good to go. If you want to see how useful it can be, just refer to our review of the F19 Pro+ which details the inbuilt tools that help you achieve such amazing results.

The front and rear cameras on the Oppo F19 Pro are both impressive, though they do differ in terms of picture quality. For instance, the front camera has a relatively better resolution at 4.5 megapixels, while the rear camera features a whopping twenty megapixels resolution. Either way, both cameras are quite capable of giving you clear and crisp pictures. Whether you are taking snaps of your friends or family or those of your favorite landscapes, you will surely appreciate the clarity of the images.

In terms of performance, the Oppo F19 Pro features a nice combination of a high-speed Android operating system and a powerful chipset. The dual-screen smartphone offers users a very convenient means to carry out multiple tasks at one time. For instance, you can use it to browse the web and check your email in one quick snap, while also letting you take pictures of your family and friends, launch your camera app, play games, take videos, and listen to music all at the same time. The phone’s multitasking ability is further highlighted by the fact that it supports fast mobile network data transmission. It also offers faster network browsing through Google Maps, and quicker connection due to its MMS and HSDPA features. All these features together offer users the ability to multitask while they enjoy their smartphone experience to the fullest.

In terms of camera performance, the Oppo F19 Pro actually does not disappoint. The smartphone comes with a 16 megapixel rear camera that is equipped with phase detection auto focusing. For shots that require manual control, users are also allowed to utilize on-screen buttons for zooming, panning, and moving the camera around. There is also an eight megapixel primary camera which can be used for video chatting, although the secondary camera is just as capable in this regard. The front camera has a similar resolution to that of the primary unit but suffers from poor color reproduction.

The battery of the Oppo F19 Pro is also commendable. It lasts for several hours before giving up power to finish the current task. Features like fast charge and auto sleep detection keep the phone charged and ready to use even when users are asleep. The phone also offers fast internet access, as many internet services including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are supported. These and many more features like video chatting, high definition video recording, image stabilization, speech recognition, and Bluetooth are what make the Oppo F19 Pro a unique device.

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